Chinesport SPA Booth: 3H30


    Rehabilitation equipment and Assistive devices. Design, manufacture, sale, trade and servicing of physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment, aids for disabled and elderly persons, and medical devices for diagnosis since 1976 in Italy. Quality System Management complies with standard UNI EN ISO 13485:2004. International Edition Chapters: 1. Therapy tables; 2. Electromedical devices; 3. Rehabilitation equipment; 4. Pulley therapy; 5. Occupational therapy; 6. Standing frames; 7. Tilt tables; 8. Parallel bars and staircases; 9. Walkers; 10. Treadmills; 11. Tractions; 12. Medical gym; 13. Hydrotherapy tubs; 14. Posture analysis; 15. Hoisting systems; 16. Hygiene and anti-decubitus; 17. Lifting armchairs; 18. Patient transfer Country: Italy Show on floorplan Add -> Favourites Categories